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Sail Through the Mediterranean This September


Board the Norwegian Escape and embark on an unforgettable journey through the Mediterranean’s most enchanting destinations. This nine-night experience will be a trip of a lifetime! 

Embarking from vibrant Barcelona and glamorous Cannes along the French Riviera, the journey unfolds in Livorno's cultural richness and historic allure. Civitavecchia echoes Rome's grandeur, while Naples entices with iconic landmarks and irresistible pizza. Cagliari captivates with history and beaches, alongside Palma de Mallorca's charm. Ibiza offers vibrant nightlife and serene beaches, crafting a diverse Mediterranean exploration.

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Trip Details


Trip Promotions

  • Two for One Airfare
  • Free Beverage package
  • 2 Free Specialty Dinners
  • Free WiFi (150 minutes)
  • Shore Excursion Credit ($50 per port excursion per stateroom)



  • Balcony Cabins staring at $2,205
  • Mini-Suites starting at $2,358
  • Contact Cathy for specifc pricing details
    • Phone: 908-578-6546  
    • Email: 


Optional Barcelona Extensions

  • We suggest you consider spending two or three nights pre or post cruise exploring the vibrant city of Barcelona, rich in history and stunning architecture.
    • Pre-Nights in Barcelona 
    • Post-Nights in Barcelona 


Ship Details

  • 1,069 ft Long
  • Built in 2015
  • 2,092 Cabins
  • 4,266 Passengers
  • 1,733 Crew Members


Norwegian Escape 9 nt cruise dep Barcelona 20 Sep 2024 from $3,452pp


Ship Itinerary

DAY 1 (September 20): Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, nestled along the Mediterranean Sea, pulsates with life through its unparalleled architecture—like the iconic Sagrada Familia—and an array of cultural treasures.

DAY 2 (September 21): Cannes, France

Along the enchanting French Riviera, Cannes captivates with its lavish ambiance and vibrant markets. Its blend of cultural allure and experiences creates an unforgettable visit.

DAY 3 (September 22): Livorno, Italy

Positioned on Tuscany's west coast, Livorno beckons with its lively culture, historical marvels like the Medici Fortress, and a culinary journey through delectable seafood.

DAY 4 (September 23): Livorno, Italy

Its vibrant nightlife and artistic soul make it a haven for exploration.

DAY 5 (September 24): Civitavecchia, Italy

The ancient harbor town, Civitavecchia, resonates with echoes of Rome's grandeur, adorned with historic landmarks and creates a gateway to Italy's rich history, offering a blend of sun-kissed beaches and cultural escapades.

DAY 6 (September 25): Naples, Italy

Admire breathtaking views of Naples from high above the city in the historical Certosa di San Martino, a former monastery turned museum perched atop the Vomero hill.

DAY 7 (September 26): Cagliari, Sardinia

Cagliari, the vibrant capital the vibrant capital of Sardinia, weaves a rich historical tapestry through ancient ruins, churches, and a blend of cultural immersion amidst stunning beaches.

DAY 8 (September 27): Palma De Mallorca, Balearic Islands

Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, stands out for its architectural marvels like La Seu Cathedral and a dynamic cultural scene, complemented by serene beaches. 

DAY 9 (September 28): Ibiza, Balearic Islands

The Spanish island of Ibiza showcases its dual nature—lively clubs in the north and serene vibes in the south—embracing crystalline beaches, rich heritage, and a diverse range of activities.

DAY 10 (September 29): Barcelona, Spain

From the Picasso Museum to FC Barcelona's legacy, this city harmonizes history, beachside bliss, and tantalizing gastronomy.